Reference Listservs

There are hundreds of listservs and blogs devoted to libraries. The list below is intended to highlight those that focus on reference, or that prominently feature reference.  Please feel free to add your own favorites by using the comment feature.

    Discussion of Library Reference Issues. To subscribe, send mail to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.KENT.EDU with the command: SUBSCRIBE LIBREF-L.
  • Library Garden
    Created by New Jersey librarians to talk about libraries. Marie Radford, professor at Rutgers whose research concentrates on virtual reference, is a founding and regular contributor.
  • Dig-Ref Listserv
    This listserv is devoted to discussing digital reference issues, but expands at times to include digital resources. To subscribe to DIG_REF, do this:
    Send an e-mail message to:
    In the first line of the message, type: SUBSCRIBE DIG_REF Firstname Lastname
  • WebJunction: Virtual Reference
    WebJunction provides online learning community services to a wide variety of library organizations. Explore the pages devoted to Virtual Reference. There are a number of presentations and other resources available. To make full use of the site, you’ll need to create an account, which is free.
  • Points of Reference: A Booklist Blog
    ALA’s Mary Ellen Quinn and a team of front-line experts write about reference sources and trends in reference publishing and services.
  • Digital Reference
    News and views on chat reference, IM reference, email reference, VoIP reference, video reference, SMS reference, phone reference, roving reference, and face-to-face reference. Created and maintained by Stephen Francoeur, Baruch College, NYC.

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